Stupid comeback

Friday, August 22, 2008

Long time no see, blog. It takes almost no effort to write here, but hell, I'm lazy(can you blame me?)

Well, Today I'm not going to write on some crap that has happened to me recently or is still happening(because we all know, nothing ever fucking happens here) So, today, I take my time to write to my blog.

How ya been? who's the weather? Haha, can you imagine, but nah, seriously. I really left you alone, even thought I promised to write here at least for a year before deciding to stop this blog. I'm not very happy with the skin, theme, or looks of the blog(you choose) so I guess I should really get to work and fix you up(which I might do soon. Leaving that aside. I feel I left you alone because I have nothing to write. I'm usually working on my novel, but for personal reasons I don't want to go around posting it online. Using this blog for the novel is out of discussion. All human beings need their own space, some have a fotolog, myspace, wordpress blog. Or nothing at all and thus they spend more time online in msn and on phone, regardless the hows or where, people need a place to release pressure and talk about emo shit, also sharing is somewhat good but I rather use facebook for that. So, If I use facebook for sharing stuff, I choose not to publish my novel online, spend lots of time on msn, write my anime reviews at Lostrauken What's left for you? nothing because my life is THAT boring. Not that people care. Not that I care. I rather be left alone than be annoyed by a bunch of people who really deep down don't care for me. I have friends who cares for me. I miss them bunch, but yeah. It could be worse, much worse. I couldn've been ran over by a truck, then who would fucking write here huh? nobody! that's right. So well, college is starting soon, One might think that it would actually add more excitment to my daily life. WRONG, wrong, wrong wrong...! Given enough time, College life will become as repetitive and annoying as life is right now, but difference is: the people around trying to get advantage of me will increase from 2 to several more.(I'm guessing 3.)

Well, I might reconsider writing about my novel here, just one detail: who fucking READS you? again, it really depends on me(because I fucking have to go around asking people to read and comment. Most cases, thought.) If I feel like continuing this or not. Or maybe I should transform this into a "Titania's like blog" writting about stuff like politics and laws, curious stuff and more. BUT!(there's always a but, heh) I don't care for most stuff, seriously. My friend said something like "Yeah, Nasa found an asterioid coming to earth, it may hit around 2030, it's big enough so I don't think humans will survive." It sounds kinda critic, but I don't give a shit if I die in 2030, or 2015. I really want one thing. Everything else it pretty much spam.

Oh shit. Not you again...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

wazzup!? Long time no update but hell, I'm in a good mood. You might wonder why? well, my computer desktop looks are just SWEET. Here's a screenshot:

I think you can zoom in by clicking on it....if not. Oh the shame.

In other news: this blog is now closer to the abyss. I joined LostRauken group. That means: I will now make all my anime reviews and shit ovethere. Of course, they will be a lot more detailed than here. If you're scared to death of spoilers(like some people I know) then don't waste your time. If you're wondering, I'll be doing Macross Frontier Reviews there so...go and check it out.


btw, Lostrauken goes in spanish. Just so you know.

Well...I don't know what else to write...I guess I'll take off for now. see ya again. When I feel like it :D

Planet Green

Monday, May 19, 2008

1- I have nothing else to post here.
2- Protect our planet = cool.

Today, I'll talk about Planet Green. Planet Green is the first and only 24-hour eco-lifestyle television network with a robust online presence and community. Launching in June 2008, on-air content will reach 50 million homes with more than 250 hours of original green lifestyle programming. Both online and on-air, Plant Green's content is entertaining, relevant, and accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. By representing a broad range of ideas and perspectives, Planet Green is taking an active role in generating conversation and motivating individuals to take action when it comes to improving the environmental status of our planet.

If we gave our sorroundings the same attention we give to many other more meaningful things in our life, we could easily improve our life style and the way you feel about yourself. After all. One person can make a difference. It ain't easy, but it isn't impossible. SO go outside and hug a tree now, bitch.

If you don't have Planet Green on you cable pack you can watch some of it's programs over in discovery channel. Btw the song being played now it's called "buscando el verde" official song for the planet green presentation over at discovery channel.

This post will be THIS short. I have very little to write here atm. Also I don't have many incoming proyects for this blog. I'm just spending my time playing Persona3 and reading.

Anyway. 'Till next time.

Seventh circle of hell. HERE I COME!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is officially the end for me. Today afternoon at 6PM. All the shit from myy house in Argentina finally arrived. TVs, DVD, houseware, clothes, anySHIT u can think of is waiting for me inside my garage. AWESOME. 83 boxes of awesome to be exact. tomorrow will be hell for me. To organize all that shit within HOUR as I need to go and visit my grandma for the whole "mothers day" thing. So, yeah, I'll be probably going to the graveyard tomorrow. MORE AWESOME.(I like the graveyard tho. Such a pacific place.)

well. videos:

Newer smosh:

Not as awesome as the older videos but still funny.......kinda.

Now: Human Tetris.

I laughed BADLY at these. Seriously, Japanese shows are the lol.

More emo stuff coming up. COnfirmed, I completely lost my chance(if I ever had any) of starting class this semester. I'll be doing courses and shit till september...I really wanted to start right away...but whatever. If u add that to a whole, VERY long list of complains about this country and it's shitty sistem...I have enough reasons to jump of a building. Good for me. Everytime a see a picture of my friends or something. It reminds me of why I need to endure this place. And try to be happy as much as possible.

Finally, GOOD movies for this month. Ironman, SpeedRacer and Indiana jones and the skull kingdom. All three look awesome to me(cept for speedracer which look a little cheesy). I've heard good things about Speedracer as well, even thought it's supposed to suck. I have a lot of faith in it.

Well, until next update. I'll let the world know if I'm still alive after tomorrow T_T


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hello mates! you probably noticed the rad change of look already. ISN'T IT AWESOME!? <3 I lub it....

Anyway, here's a detailed list of the new updates and features.

- Blog theme changed: this includes the template, the banner, and the titles on the side bar. Blog's name was also changed to Missing Notes. As following the whole "journalist" look.

- Profile updated. The info has been updated as well as the display picture.

- Friends updated. Now it can only show 4 friends at the time, also: added a new friend.

- Added a botton banner.

- Added a new slideshow photo viewer.

Well...that's probably it. I wanted the blog to look kinda like a journalist's desk. But of course, just like I did with my first theme(kingdom hearts) I had to place references here and there. Now it's mostly Full Metal Alchemist, which is cool since it's one of my fav.

The hardest part was the slideshow, it was hard to make it work(blogger need to get of his ass and work more of the features.) Now the blog looks a lot smalled compared to my last theme, which looked too clean....but I like it.

anywayyy I'll start with the whole "blog report" thing some other time.

Report on the Ichiban2: The second day

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Well...this was meant for a few days ago but what the hell...I'm lazy XP

No picture of the now as I have OVER 9000!!! pictures to put this time around.

First: some cosplay pictures!

first! my favorites:

Tifa(great costume)

this can be describe as LOLOLOL

some naruto cosplays were really good, but I'm just racist and naruto is my blackman >_>;

Yoh Asakura

(kill me)

I'm in teh bathroom! being a leet ninjaz

no comment....

Needless to say, the second day pwned a much as the first.

a resume of my day:

After going to Llewelyn's place and staying there for HOURS! Joseph finally woke up and, had breakfast, we decided it was time to go. After arriving there, I went straight to the restrooms, Joseph tagged along as needed to hit the can as well...Right when I'm in front of the door...ready to open, I look to my right and saw a girl struggling to get into her cosplay costume, at that moment I didn't care and I went right into the bathroom...After I do my bussiness and crap, I go out the door...just to see Joseph(aka Lune) being a complete pedo and totally coming on to the 15-14 year old girl......U ANNOYING FREAK OF NATURE, U SHOULD ROT IN HELL. You're not allowed near my kids...EVER.

Inside the Con everything went as smooth as the restroom thingie...Lots of inside jokes.....

The schedule for the second day was something like this:

-Opening of the first day
-Proyection of anime in the screen
-Super Smash brothers brawl tournament(wii)
-Cosplay contest and presentation
-Drawing presentation and contest
-Star Wars Caracters presentation
-Jrock presentation with music band Obscure
-ending of the second day and closing of Ichiban2

The Star wars presentation was amazing...all the nerds running around screaming their heads off for a picture...The narutards ran over me...literally.

But HELL, I took a pic with Lord Vader and some friends:
Free Image Hosting at

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On Darth Vader's right: Edo

On the lower right: the always and america's favorite crack abuser, Roxas!

Pretty fucking amazing day, seriously =D

best shit ever: walked in with 80BsF and came out owning 55BsF T_T

Well, time to say good bye~ hope u liked it!!

PD: also, last but not least: MINI-SKIRT!!

now: random comment of the day!


Report on Ichiban2: First day

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hello guys! time for another update, and a really big one too.

First off, the Ichiban2(and my first Anime con, EVER) was freakingshly amazing. One of the best most amazing weekends of my life

first: The picture of the now:
Free Image Hosting at

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The schedule for the first day:

-Opening of the con with Jmusic(J-pop and J-rock)

-Videogame tournaments: Naruto and Dragon ball for wii(both sucked, but I liked the last Naruto match, they were pretty well matched.

-Mario Castañeda, presentation and forum.
-Ending of the first day

First: when we arrived there at 11 AM nearly 12.(which I think it was ok for the first day) first thing I saw was the Jmusic presentation, pretty awesome music sistem if u ask me. The most important event of the day was Mario's presentation. To those not familiar with him or his work. He did the voice for Goku in Dragon Ball Z. It was great, all the fans going crazy and shit. *thumbs up*


Mario Castañeda.

Second part of his presentation:

He was pretty cool. His voice was great, I even wonder if he had any editing before dubbing the series.

and GREATEST QUOTE EVER from Mario Castañeda:


after Mario's presentation, came the forum rounds with several random people asking him stuff like: was it hard to act as Goku's voice? or about stuff that happened in the anime.

Later on, a line was formed so that all the fans could take a picture with Mario and take his autograph as well. I left the con at this point, as I don't like making lines and moreover, didn't have a place to write his autograph.

OF COURSE, I didn't leave without first buying a really cool print of Final Fantasy Crisis core, two Full Metal Alchemist postcards and three pins.

Most of the merchandise was based on Naruto, Bleach, Death note,Full metal alchemist and Dragon ball, so of course I wasn't able to buy anything from my fav anime =( Regardless of that, I'm a pretty great fan of FMP and Deathnote so of course I bought stuff. At this point I still had money left, before the second day I mean....

For this one I don't have any pics but for the second day I will post some other pictures my friends and I took.

Before closing this up: The picture of the now. U might be wondering what is to I'll explain. For this convention we went 8 people, including me. And only one car...needless to say...we had to shove SOMEONE in the back trunk. It was really necesary....maybe.

All I can say was. From beggining to end, the first day was AWESOME we had lots of fun watching mario and doing other shit as well. But guess what? the second day gets better. Just wait for it.

See you guys around, the second report will be sooner than you expect.

Song: Dragon BallZ op(instrumental/Karaoke version)

As life goes on

Monday, April 14, 2008

Picture of the now:
Image Hosted by

I love this song very very much. enjoy it, I also added a download feature so that you're able to save it if you like.

My friends have been complaining on how much time I spend NOT updating this thing >_> it's kinda boring, plus, it's not half emo it was when I first opened it. But for the sake of my mental health I will keep updating it.

Series I've watched lately:

First: Shakugan no Shana. It's about a girl on fire that protects the balance of the world and in the proccess she fell in love with an unexisten guy, and the story is about how much they suck at life. The best thing about this one is the soundtrack. I fuxing love it!! I'm meaning to save my favorite for my blog's birthday(if I ever get that far)

second: Clannad. The word Clannad means family, so as you guessed, the whole point of this anime is "the importance of family" Many sad escenarios are shown in this one as it looks like everyone in the best fucking school of japan has a dark past. They lost their parents in an accident, and such. My favorite one, also the saddest in my opinion, was the girl who lost her parents in an accident right in her birthday and nearly went insane crying and whispering "I'll be a good girl, I'll study more so please...come back" it was sad...

I'm expecting a second season, I hope...

Finally, Gundam 00, I watched first season's finale was CRAZY! best fucking plot I have EVER seen in my life, period. But I still have to watch second season which will be aired in october this year...I can't wait T_T

Video time!!

Funny video, if u played silent hill before u will die of laughter, if u didn't u will just laugh...I didn't play it, and I thought it was


These vids have been leaking all over the internet now...stupid song..I can't stop listening to it.

For those wondering: this song is the new internet meme as videos similar to this have appeared all over the internet(just put caramelldansen in'll see)

The vid was made using the characters from Gundam 00.

And if you like that dance, try this:

What you've seen so far is called FANSERVICE...shameless really.

The song you're not probably listening but which I uploaded anyway is called friends. There are some parts in english which give away most of the song's meaning. Take your time and listen to the song carefully.

four days 'till the anime con!! ^_^

that's all. Go to hell now(for those already there....just sit tight.)

PD: Gaby is in Argentina MSN is pretty quiet...I'm sad, as a sad puppy. o.0 enjoy your time over there you!

Copilation of Dreams

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Picture of the now:
Image Hosted by vids for this update. This is, as stated on the tittle, a dreams copilation(if u want to call it like that). Last night I had some reallllyyyyyy weird dreams and I felt like writting them down.

First dream: I stand in my house in Venezuela, I look around, and start walking for the kitchen(I was in my studio), once I get there I find Gaby's little bro ,Aldo, staring at me, I ask him what's up and then he tells me he's afraid of a woman he saw earlier, I try to confort him and tell him that theres no danger, in that moment, aldo stares behind me, looking really scared he fell down crying. In that moment, I grabbed a knife I keep in my pocket(direct reference to real life, some of my friends should know), and quickly I turn around swinging the knife cutting the woman's throat, in that moment I look at her and realize...I had killed my mom.

Second dream: I stand in my neighboor in Argentina, and a friend lends me his car to test it, a black Ford Fusion(again, direct reference to real life). I drive it around for a while and do some dirt drifting. When I return the car it's still completely spotless, despite the dirt roads, which was weird enough. This dream wasn't really great, but felt like sharing as well.

Final dream: I stand in Argentina again, surrounded by all my friends, including the ones from Venezuela, In that moment I was supposed to give a speech to Gaby and Briana(her sister) who were moving to Houston, after a while I finish my speech, and with tears in my eyes I hug them. They giggle and tell me is no big deal, which makes me cry even more. The final dream ends there.

That last dream had a lot of meaning for me...It's weird how u can miss people and still act cool about it, as if nothing was happening, I mean, I have e-mail, msn and shit, so technically, we're never out of touch...but it's just mean...a hug...a giggle is something I can never get through msn, which is a big deal for me...

I miss them. I miss them too much.

I take my leave now. As stated at the beginning: no videos this time.

Song: Beat it by Fall out boy.

their own version of Beat it, for the 25th anniversary of the Album Thriller(some awesome songs right there)

bye my readers.

Did you know that Shinigami like apples?

Monday, March 31, 2008

So this is how a Death note theme looks like....amazing...not.

NEW - Picture of the now:
Image Hosted by

big LOL at that.

Those who have no idea of what Death Note is(refering to the blog's theme), it's just another anime I watched not long ago(a year...that's not a lot), the story goes like this: The story is focused on Yagami Light, at bare sight, he's just a regular, really smart university student. Making his family proud and shit, deep down he's just bored of everyday's life...that changes soon after he finds the death note. A notebook capable of controlling life and death. The name of the person who's written on it will die, causes and time can also be controlled using the book. After testing it's power, Yagami Light convinces itself that a new world must be created, one without corruption, crime. And that he's the only one who can change the world, and become it's new god.

It was really great 'till "L" sudden death....that killed many fans and took the series fucking downhill after Near(fucking wiz kid) appeared. More info here

I lol at this:

And if you want to laugh:


so... From now on I'll be posting a pic at the beggining of each post, it can be emo, music related, anime related, funny, hillarious or just sad D:

I choose :D

Finally: Mobile Suit Gundam fucking rocks...only watched ep1 and I'm wanting more... it'll have to wait tho...:(

Song: What's up people! by Maximun the hormone

I just can't understand what you are saying!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hello World. As promised.

Today we're going to talk a little about my side hobbie. Anime. As childish as this may seem to some of my readers, anime is barely books being animated. As most, if not all anime I watch comes from light novels.

First, I would like to talk about my fav ever, but since my friends are watching it I rather not spoil it for them. My favorite anime is called Full Metal Panic, needless to say, it's everything I've been looking for in a story. Romance, comedy, accion, adventure; great mix that makes up a wonderful story. :3 I'll be making a short
report soon. Once Gerardo and Joseph(aka Dr house) finish the entire first season(and probably second too)

I haven't finished the story either, I still have to read the last light novels(as they haven't been animated yet) the light novels are placed in this order after the third season.

-A Dancing very merry christmas(mostly comedy)

-Continuing on my own(accion, breaking point in this series)

-Burning One man force(I still have to read it, mostly comedy and accion)

-Tsudou make my day(translated as, come make my day, it's based on what happens to Tessa and her crew after the events in Continuing on my own)

-Semaru nick of time(translated as, Right in the nick of time, newest novel so far, still to be translated.)

Full metal Panic? Fumoffu opening(great song in my opinion, well made, rather nostalgic for me, somehow)

Another Anime that gave me nightmares(mostly because of the ending)

School days(guess who recomended that one). Being mostly drama and romance, this story is really great to watch, but the ending is somewhat...tragic.

These series were based on a game, it had 21 different possible endings. 19 "happy" endings in which two caracters live happily ever after and the other comit suicide or disappear. Another one is really tragic(the ending of the anime series) in which two on the main caracters die, and the other one goes crazy.

here: one of the game endings, just to show how fucked up it can get.

Well, I'm probably making another post like this soon. So long for now.

PD: the song being played is Ash like Snow by The brilliant green.

Love, that's all I need, yet, is one thing I lack of.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hey again. Totally not in the mood for this but I felt I needed to update...

First: I went to see the new Rambo movie yesterday, it frigging rocks!! the special effects are amazing, you can actually see blood spilling all over the place when people get shot and crap, also, the bomb part was the best thing since e-mail.


it's a really good movie, I recommend. But don't fucking go watching it without watching the other movies first.

Also: new batman movie, a sequel to Batman Begins, it'll be called "Batman, The Dark Knight" Sounds cheesy...

Apparently, the guy acting as the joker died recently, I don't know if he died during the filming or after, don't go asking me. What I'm sure is, it has delayed the movie.

New on my blog: A friends section, Added a few friend's blog and such, be sure to check them out(and laugh at Gerar's myspace)

I got some other things to talk about, related to the world of anime and manga, I'll be sure to talk about that the next time :S

Song: Heels over head, by Boys like Girls.

The sky is barely my limit

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hello world... :D

My stay with my parents is finally coming to an end(thank god). I'm moving with my brother next week, yay.

Also, no new great events in my life...My dad bought a Nissan Sentra which will be mine if the company decides to move them again.

The question at hand is the next. Move with my parents to another -mightbe- wonderful place...or take the car.

My instincts want the car.

Some videos:

direct request from Gerarld(shut up)

Also, pretty hillarious:

For those who don't know, that was harassment on ventrilo(which is a voice chat program)

lots of swear D:

The other day when surfing the net(as if I didn't do that everyday) I found some really GREAT artwork, the artist allias on internet is Bleedman. He fucking is a little example of his work

That's one of his best imo, I've seen better, I just love that piece. All credit to Bleedman

Finally...I'm giving lots of thanks to Gaby for showing me this band. They win...

Song: Top of the world, by Boys like Girls.

See you guys next update. Comment please ^_^

Does this thing ever dies?!?!?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hello world, I'm back in place...sad...

If you've been following this blog around then you prolly know that I just recently moved to Venezuela, shit happens, like that. I'm back into hell itself, heck, even my best friend's brother is laughing at my face for having come back. Sure! Argentina had a lot of issues at first, but I made wonderful friends, I left many memories in that place...I guess I can never go back, not for now at least, maybe sometime in the distant future.

Some videos streamed right from Youtube(cuz everything else sucks, doesn't mean that youtube rocks either)

first: cat soup rocks.

Neg's urban sports!

that guy rules D:

Anyhow, going back to the main issue, this thing is still alive(the blog I mean) why? cause Gerardo has a myspace(something I didn't think would happen in this plane of time and space) So I need to make sure my blog kicks his ass D:

Also, Gaby wanted me to revive this thing(damn u you vile woman, ur sis is sexier than u D:)

Finally theres this issue with me being bored out of my mind...I start class the 28th next That's good, especially cause I've spent over two months doing shit at home, using my computer(Puerto la cruz, sucks.)

Thank u girls for being there for me, you're real fun to chat with :)

not much for my first post but whatever. I hate you all...

Song: five minutes to midnight, song by Boys like Girls.

See you all around and don't forget to comment, it makes me giggle.

That's it, we're fucked.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This blog life was rather short...but I realized...this emo shit is totally NOT me. I rather play cool and not write my thoughts down on the internet...

that's right. It's over...I'm closing this shit down for good.


1 no one reads it. (gotta thanks gabriela for being such a nice friend who actually cared to comment.)

2 I'm too lazy to look for stuff to post.

3 My current depressing mood will NOT allow me to get pass one update without talking a little bit to much about how my life and feelings are now proper fucked.

anyway...I hope you liked it...cya...and thanks.