Stupid comeback

Friday, August 22, 2008

Long time no see, blog. It takes almost no effort to write here, but hell, I'm lazy(can you blame me?)

Well, Today I'm not going to write on some crap that has happened to me recently or is still happening(because we all know, nothing ever fucking happens here) So, today, I take my time to write to my blog.

How ya been? who's the weather? Haha, can you imagine, but nah, seriously. I really left you alone, even thought I promised to write here at least for a year before deciding to stop this blog. I'm not very happy with the skin, theme, or looks of the blog(you choose) so I guess I should really get to work and fix you up(which I might do soon. Leaving that aside. I feel I left you alone because I have nothing to write. I'm usually working on my novel, but for personal reasons I don't want to go around posting it online. Using this blog for the novel is out of discussion. All human beings need their own space, some have a fotolog, myspace, wordpress blog. Or nothing at all and thus they spend more time online in msn and on phone, regardless the hows or where, people need a place to release pressure and talk about emo shit, also sharing is somewhat good but I rather use facebook for that. So, If I use facebook for sharing stuff, I choose not to publish my novel online, spend lots of time on msn, write my anime reviews at Lostrauken What's left for you? nothing because my life is THAT boring. Not that people care. Not that I care. I rather be left alone than be annoyed by a bunch of people who really deep down don't care for me. I have friends who cares for me. I miss them bunch, but yeah. It could be worse, much worse. I couldn've been ran over by a truck, then who would fucking write here huh? nobody! that's right. So well, college is starting soon, One might think that it would actually add more excitment to my daily life. WRONG, wrong, wrong wrong...! Given enough time, College life will become as repetitive and annoying as life is right now, but difference is: the people around trying to get advantage of me will increase from 2 to several more.(I'm guessing 3.)

Well, I might reconsider writing about my novel here, just one detail: who fucking READS you? again, it really depends on me(because I fucking have to go around asking people to read and comment. Most cases, thought.) If I feel like continuing this or not. Or maybe I should transform this into a "Titania's like blog" writting about stuff like politics and laws, curious stuff and more. BUT!(there's always a but, heh) I don't care for most stuff, seriously. My friend said something like "Yeah, Nasa found an asterioid coming to earth, it may hit around 2030, it's big enough so I don't think humans will survive." It sounds kinda critic, but I don't give a shit if I die in 2030, or 2015. I really want one thing. Everything else it pretty much spam.