Oh shit. Not you again...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

wazzup!? Long time no update but hell, I'm in a good mood. You might wonder why? well, my computer desktop looks are just SWEET. Here's a screenshot:

I think you can zoom in by clicking on it....if not. Oh the shame.

In other news: this blog is now closer to the abyss. I joined LostRauken group. That means: I will now make all my anime reviews and shit ovethere. Of course, they will be a lot more detailed than here. If you're scared to death of spoilers(like some people I know) then don't waste your time. If you're wondering, I'll be doing Macross Frontier Reviews there so...go and check it out.


btw, Lostrauken goes in spanish. Just so you know.

Well...I don't know what else to write...I guess I'll take off for now. see ya again. When I feel like it :D