Planet Green

Monday, May 19, 2008

1- I have nothing else to post here.
2- Protect our planet = cool.

Today, I'll talk about Planet Green. Planet Green is the first and only 24-hour eco-lifestyle television network with a robust online presence and community. Launching in June 2008, on-air content will reach 50 million homes with more than 250 hours of original green lifestyle programming. Both online and on-air, Plant Green's content is entertaining, relevant, and accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. By representing a broad range of ideas and perspectives, Planet Green is taking an active role in generating conversation and motivating individuals to take action when it comes to improving the environmental status of our planet.

If we gave our sorroundings the same attention we give to many other more meaningful things in our life, we could easily improve our life style and the way you feel about yourself. After all. One person can make a difference. It ain't easy, but it isn't impossible. SO go outside and hug a tree now, bitch.

If you don't have Planet Green on you cable pack you can watch some of it's programs over in discovery channel. Btw the song being played now it's called "buscando el verde" official song for the planet green presentation over at discovery channel.

This post will be THIS short. I have very little to write here atm. Also I don't have many incoming proyects for this blog. I'm just spending my time playing Persona3 and reading.

Anyway. 'Till next time.

Seventh circle of hell. HERE I COME!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is officially the end for me. Today afternoon at 6PM. All the shit from myy house in Argentina finally arrived. TVs, DVD, houseware, clothes, anySHIT u can think of is waiting for me inside my garage. AWESOME. 83 boxes of awesome to be exact. tomorrow will be hell for me. To organize all that shit within HOUR as I need to go and visit my grandma for the whole "mothers day" thing. So, yeah, I'll be probably going to the graveyard tomorrow. MORE AWESOME.(I like the graveyard tho. Such a pacific place.)

well. videos:

Newer smosh:

Not as awesome as the older videos but still funny.......kinda.

Now: Human Tetris.

I laughed BADLY at these. Seriously, Japanese shows are the lol.

More emo stuff coming up. COnfirmed, I completely lost my chance(if I ever had any) of starting class this semester. I'll be doing courses and shit till september...I really wanted to start right away...but whatever. If u add that to a whole, VERY long list of complains about this country and it's shitty sistem...I have enough reasons to jump of a building. Good for me. Everytime a see a picture of my friends or something. It reminds me of why I need to endure this place. And try to be happy as much as possible.

Finally, GOOD movies for this month. Ironman, SpeedRacer and Indiana jones and the skull kingdom. All three look awesome to me(cept for speedracer which look a little cheesy). I've heard good things about Speedracer as well, even thought it's supposed to suck. I have a lot of faith in it.

Well, until next update. I'll let the world know if I'm still alive after tomorrow T_T


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hello mates! you probably noticed the rad change of look already. ISN'T IT AWESOME!? <3 I lub it....

Anyway, here's a detailed list of the new updates and features.

- Blog theme changed: this includes the template, the banner, and the titles on the side bar. Blog's name was also changed to Missing Notes. As following the whole "journalist" look.

- Profile updated. The info has been updated as well as the display picture.

- Friends updated. Now it can only show 4 friends at the time, also: added a new friend.

- Added a botton banner.

- Added a new slideshow photo viewer.

Well...that's probably it. I wanted the blog to look kinda like a journalist's desk. But of course, just like I did with my first theme(kingdom hearts) I had to place references here and there. Now it's mostly Full Metal Alchemist, which is cool since it's one of my fav.

The hardest part was the slideshow, it was hard to make it work(blogger need to get of his ass and work more of the features.) Now the blog looks a lot smalled compared to my last theme, which looked too clean....but I like it.

anywayyy I'll start with the whole "blog report" thing some other time.