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Monday, March 31, 2008

So this is how a Death note theme looks like....amazing...not.

NEW - Picture of the now:
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big LOL at that.

Those who have no idea of what Death Note is(refering to the blog's theme), it's just another anime I watched not long ago(a year...that's not a lot), the story goes like this: The story is focused on Yagami Light, at bare sight, he's just a regular, really smart university student. Making his family proud and shit, deep down he's just bored of everyday's life...that changes soon after he finds the death note. A notebook capable of controlling life and death. The name of the person who's written on it will die, causes and time can also be controlled using the book. After testing it's power, Yagami Light convinces itself that a new world must be created, one without corruption, crime. And that he's the only one who can change the world, and become it's new god.

It was really great 'till "L" sudden death....that killed many fans and took the series fucking downhill after Near(fucking wiz kid) appeared. More info here

I lol at this:

And if you want to laugh:


so... From now on I'll be posting a pic at the beggining of each post, it can be emo, music related, anime related, funny, hillarious or just sad D:

I choose :D

Finally: Mobile Suit Gundam fucking rocks...only watched ep1 and I'm wanting more... it'll have to wait tho...:(

Song: What's up people! by Maximun the hormone

I just can't understand what you are saying!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hello World. As promised.

Today we're going to talk a little about my side hobbie. Anime. As childish as this may seem to some of my readers, anime is barely books being animated. As most, if not all anime I watch comes from light novels.

First, I would like to talk about my fav ever, but since my friends are watching it I rather not spoil it for them. My favorite anime is called Full Metal Panic, needless to say, it's everything I've been looking for in a story. Romance, comedy, accion, adventure; great mix that makes up a wonderful story. :3 I'll be making a short
report soon. Once Gerardo and Joseph(aka Dr house) finish the entire first season(and probably second too)

I haven't finished the story either, I still have to read the last light novels(as they haven't been animated yet) the light novels are placed in this order after the third season.

-A Dancing very merry christmas(mostly comedy)

-Continuing on my own(accion, breaking point in this series)

-Burning One man force(I still have to read it, mostly comedy and accion)

-Tsudou make my day(translated as, come make my day, it's based on what happens to Tessa and her crew after the events in Continuing on my own)

-Semaru nick of time(translated as, Right in the nick of time, newest novel so far, still to be translated.)

Full metal Panic? Fumoffu opening(great song in my opinion, well made, rather nostalgic for me, somehow)

Another Anime that gave me nightmares(mostly because of the ending)

School days(guess who recomended that one). Being mostly drama and romance, this story is really great to watch, but the ending is somewhat...tragic.

These series were based on a game, it had 21 different possible endings. 19 "happy" endings in which two caracters live happily ever after and the other comit suicide or disappear. Another one is really tragic(the ending of the anime series) in which two on the main caracters die, and the other one goes crazy.

here: one of the game endings, just to show how fucked up it can get.

Well, I'm probably making another post like this soon. So long for now.

PD: the song being played is Ash like Snow by The brilliant green.

Love, that's all I need, yet, is one thing I lack of.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hey again. Totally not in the mood for this but I felt I needed to update...

First: I went to see the new Rambo movie yesterday, it frigging rocks!! the special effects are amazing, you can actually see blood spilling all over the place when people get shot and crap, also, the bomb part was the best thing since e-mail.


it's a really good movie, I recommend. But don't fucking go watching it without watching the other movies first.

Also: new batman movie, a sequel to Batman Begins, it'll be called "Batman, The Dark Knight" Sounds cheesy...

Apparently, the guy acting as the joker died recently, I don't know if he died during the filming or after, don't go asking me. What I'm sure is, it has delayed the movie.

New on my blog: A friends section, Added a few friend's blog and such, be sure to check them out(and laugh at Gerar's myspace)

I got some other things to talk about, related to the world of anime and manga, I'll be sure to talk about that the next time :S

Song: Heels over head, by Boys like Girls.

The sky is barely my limit

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hello world... :D

My stay with my parents is finally coming to an end(thank god). I'm moving with my brother next week, yay.

Also, no new great events in my life...My dad bought a Nissan Sentra which will be mine if the company decides to move them again.

The question at hand is the next. Move with my parents to another -mightbe- wonderful place...or take the car.

My instincts want the car.

Some videos:

direct request from Gerarld(shut up)

Also, pretty hillarious:

For those who don't know, that was harassment on ventrilo(which is a voice chat program)

lots of swear D:

The other day when surfing the net(as if I didn't do that everyday) I found some really GREAT artwork, the artist allias on internet is Bleedman. He fucking wins...here is a little example of his work

That's one of his best imo, I've seen better, I just love that piece. All credit to Bleedman

Finally...I'm giving lots of thanks to Gaby for showing me this band. They win...

Song: Top of the world, by Boys like Girls.

See you guys next update. Comment please ^_^

Does this thing ever dies?!?!?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hello world, I'm back in place...sad...

If you've been following this blog around then you prolly know that I just recently moved to Venezuela, shit happens, like that. I'm back into hell itself, heck, even my best friend's brother is laughing at my face for having come back. Sure! Argentina had a lot of issues at first, but I made wonderful friends, I left many memories in that place...I guess I can never go back, not for now at least, maybe sometime in the distant future.

Some videos streamed right from Youtube(cuz everything else sucks, doesn't mean that youtube rocks either)

first: cat soup rocks.

Neg's urban sports!

that guy rules D:

Anyhow, going back to the main issue, this thing is still alive(the blog I mean) why? cause Gerardo has a myspace(something I didn't think would happen in this plane of time and space) So I need to make sure my blog kicks his ass D:

Also, Gaby wanted me to revive this thing(damn u you vile woman, ur sis is sexier than u D:)

Finally theres this issue with me being bored out of my mind...I start class the 28th next month...wow. That's good, especially cause I've spent over two months doing shit at home, using my computer(Puerto la cruz, sucks.)

Thank u girls for being there for me, you're real fun to chat with :)

not much for my first post but whatever. I hate you all...

Song: five minutes to midnight, song by Boys like Girls.

See you all around and don't forget to comment, it makes me giggle.